ModelAugmentationMethod/Learning Goals and Learning Activities

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Some first ideas on a taxonomy for learning/teaching/tutoring activities for ABM/NetLogo models.

Exploring an existing model

  • Finding relevant literature and connecting with the model (eg., research studies on the model)
  • Linking model descriptions (such as ODD_description) to the model
  • Writing an ODD-like document
  • Studying the code
  • Conducting experiments on the model (simulations)
    • Writing research reports on the simulation studies

Extending an existing model

  • Doing research on model extensions
    • Finding data
    • Creating new data (e.g., new measurements)
  • Interface changes (e.g., additional observers)
  • Modifying parts of the model (e.g, a submodel)
  • Adding a submodel

Building a model from scratch

  • Purpose statement
  • Model Boundaries
  • (...)

Pedagogical use and extensions

  • Peer-assisted Learning
    • Peer tutoring on an existing model
      • Adding scaffolds
    • Peer tutoring on pedagogically modified model
      • Building scaffolding into the model

Case study: The BACO model

Bronze Age Collapse Model