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Welcome to the CoolFutures Wiki!

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(Please note: This is very much a work in progress! It is also for the time being a "closed" wiki--you can see most pages, but not edit any.)

The main purpose of this wiki is to provide a 'platform' for (a) making research knowledge about climate science education research available to educators (widely conceived) and (b) to provide for a channel back from practitioners to inform researchers.

The methodology we apply is a kind of meta-meta analysis: We work mainly with published reviews of relevant research from various research fields and integrate those qualitatively. We make the literature used in those reviews available for further analysis and for key reviews we update the literature occasionally.

Our framework connects the teaching of climate science, biodiversity and sustainability to the concepts of complexity & systems thinking, argumentation/deliberation, and computational thinking.

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What we produce

We do not produce teaching resources, but we have some recommendations.