Introduction to SPARQL

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This is a basic introduction to the AllegroGraph SPARQL query web interface.

A collection of REF statements is called a repository in AllegroGraph.

Repository view

If not stated otherwise, all screenshots are for user `anonymous`.


The repository view contains links to some queries (A) that help to get an orientation over the content in the repository. In (B) export options are made available. Gruff is a more visual interface for queries and graph visualisation that can be started from this view. (Note: Gruff is a 'fat' client - it may take some minutes before it becomes visible and usable in the browser.)

Query view


The query view allows for entering queries in top left and displays results at the bottom. In area (A) namespaces can be viewed and missing ones can be added. Namespaces labels can always be written directly into a query, as in `cce:science`, and also declared just of a single query via the PREFIX construct explained below.

(B) is a useful feature as it provides a permanent web link to the query (to this view).