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RESEARCH ON CLIMATE CHANGE EDUCATION: A DRAFT SUMMARY OF REVIEWS AND WAYS FORWARD. Paper prepared for Climate Change Steering Group of the Policy Committee Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia (ASSA) May 2021. PDF


This paper presents a summary of seven recent, major research reviews on the topic of climate change education (CCE), based on a Scopus search. Key search terms for this summary included education, study, school, teaching, and learning, as related to climate change, sustainability, environment, and global warming. Collected were reviews of empirical research, specified, for the most part, as quantitative and quasi/experimental, and reported in peer-reviewed journals.

This summary has three general sections. First, the general state of the research field is summarised, including the changing rate of published research over the last decades, the way these research efforts cluster in terms of key concepts, and the various educational settings on which they focus. Additionally, a preliminary statistical summary of the literature covered by the seven reviews summarised here, which covered the 355 unique, peer-reviewed articles identified in the Scopus database is provided.

Second, the findings of the selected reviews are summarised. The headings within this section are: teaching and learning, technologies and learning, teacher education and professional development, policy priorities, and skill- and competency-based approaches.

The paper closes with a discussion of the main conclusion.